Timetable 2015

To participate in tattoo contests enter at the info desk.


18.00 The convention opens
21.00 Charity sale begins. Artwork by tattoo artists available for purchase, profits go towards a charity TBA.
21.30 Friday Art Fusion, tattoo artists collaborating on stage
23.00 Sanaxxx
24.00 Best of Friday, contest for the best tattoo done at the convention on Friday


12.00 Doors open
13.30 Miss Chrissy Kiss
15.30 Live band: Mighty Men featuring Sami Saari & Niko Ahvonen
16.30 Best black & gray tattoo, entry at the info desk
17.50 Miss Chrissy Kiss
18.00 Mighty Men
19.15 Best color tattoo, entry at the info desk
20.00 Best large tattoo, entry at the info desk
20.30 Miss Chrissy Kiss
20.40 Best japanese tattoo, entry at the info desk
21.30 Miss Chrissy Kiss
21.45 Sanaxxx
22.00 Mighty Men
23.00 Best of Saturday, tattoos done at the convention. Entry a the info desk!


12.00 Doors open
14.00 Miss Chrissy Kiss
15.00 Best small tattoo, entry at the info desk
15.45 Miss Chrissy Kiss
16.00 Best neotraditional tattoo aka. neoclassic & old school. Enter at the info desk
16.30 Sanaxxx
17.00 Announcement of funds raised through the charity sale
18.00 Best of sunday, contest for tattoos done at the convention - entry at the info desk.