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Friday 31.3.2023

17.00 Convention opens

Friday competitions:
Best Small Tattoo
Best of day
Best beard and haircut

19.00 Maori Haka dance opening Helsinki Ink 2023
20.00 World's biggest tattoo museum
21.00 Maori presentation
22.00 Gift Certificate ticket raffle
Gift certificates to leading Finnish tattoo studios for ticket buyers.
23.00 Best Small tattoo
24.00 Best of Friday
01.00 Convention closes

Saturday 1.4.2023

12.00 Convention opens

Saturday competitions:
Best Traditional tattoo
Best Neotraditional tattoo
Best Color tattoo
Best Japanese tattoo
Best Finnish artist (of the show)
Best of Saturday tattoo
Best beard and haircut

13.00 DJ
14.00 Art Fusion
15.00 J Shaw document presentation
15.30 Traditional `Tatau` from New Zealand the Maori presentation
16.00 Best Traditional Tattoo
17.00 Black Pepper Swing
17.30 World's biggest tattoo museum presentation
17.45 Best beard and best haircut competition
by Royal13 Barbershop
18.45 Rock the Pole
19.15 Black Pepper Swing
20.00 Best Neotraditional tattoo
21.00 Best Color tattoo
22.00 Rock the Pole
22.30 Best Japanese tattoo
23.30 Best Finnish artist of the show
23.45 Best of Saturday
24.00 DJ
01.00 Convention closes

Sunday 2.4.2023

12.00 Convention opens

Sunday competitions:
Best Realistic tattoo
Best of Show tattoo

12.00 Bleeding Johnny
Clawhammer banjo
13.30 World's biggest tattoo museum presentation
14.00 Gift certificate ticket raffle
15.00 Best realistic tattoo
16.00 Black Pepper Swing
17.30 Best of Show
18.00 Maori Haka dance closes Helsinki Ink 2023
19.00 Convention closes